Volunteer Screening

All volunteers and staff who work with children at West Side Church are required to pass a federal background check. New volunteers and staff who work with children are also required to attend a Child Security Training course, offered twice per year.

If you would like to volunteer with our ministry, you may download and complete our Child Security Application which contains the West Side Church Statement of Policy: Security for All Involved with Children and Youth Ministries and an application form which must be completed by all who desire to be volunteers. Children and Family Ministry volunteers must also abide by our Children & Family Ministry Child Security Guidelines.

Pager & Nametag System (Infants-5 year olds)

Parents of infants through Kindergarten children must check in at our Welcome Station in West Side North. When you check in your child at the Welcome Station, you are given a nametag and a pager. For regular attendees, the nametag displays the child’s first and last name, the name and picture of the parent or caregiver who is authorized to pick up the child, and a notice about any food allergies or health concerns. Visitors to West Side will also receive a nametag displaying the child’s name and may fill out a registration card to provide information about food allergies and health concerns and who is authorized to pick up the child. Parents are asked to carry the pager with them should we need to contact them during the service. Only authorized individuals are allowed to pick up children. Teachers  and childcare providers are responsible to check nametags before allowing anyone to take a child out of the classroom.

Food Allergies

Please inform the Welcome Station, your child’s teacher or Children & Family Ministry Staff of any allergies. Nuts are not allowed in West Side North building and are never served during Sunday morning snack time or Wednesday night dinners. Parents may supply an alternate snack or food from home for their child if desired.

Health Guidelines

We request that parents keep their children home from West Side Church activities if they are running a temperature, battling a new cold or flu or are showing symptoms of a contagious illness. Any children who have had symptoms of contagious illness in the past 24 hours before a Sunday morning or weekday activity should stay home instead of coming to church.  Any child with a rash, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, cough, or heavy cold should be kept home. Teachers or childcare providers will notify parents if a child appears to be ill during church activities. Adults and youth who serve in Children & Family Ministry are asked to follow the same guidelines and remain home after communicating with their staff or volunteer coordinator if they are ill.