Community Groups

Here at West Side, we believe that “No one should walk alone.” Though each of us is uniquely hand-crafted by God, yet in Christ, God has united us together to Himself and to each other as one Body or “Community,” comprised of many members. As such, the truth is that each of us is a person-in-relationship with God and one another, whether or not we’ve previously realized it or lived that way.

God’s love for us is not generic — it is entirely personal. God doesn’t love people in general; He loves each one of us personally, by name, and His Spirit is at work to grow and mature us in His way of personal love. Apart from others in community, we cannot grow in loving God’s way.

There are no individual Christians. We are called to grow and mature in this reality together with others. Given our limitations, we can’t realistically share our lives in depth and intimacy with everyone. Instead, each one of us needs a safe place to grow in faith where we are known by name and have the opportunity to share our stories and live together in love. That’s why our participation with others in some form of a “community” group is important.

At West Side, there are many kinds of “community” groups in which personal, relational living with one another in increasing depth, intimacy, and love is experienced and practiced. There is no one size fits all form or expression of community. A few of the more common expressions of community at West Side include:

• Participation in a 13-week ALPHA course
• Joining a 9-12 month Life Group
• Serving together on a ministry team
• Attending a weekly Bible study
• Or participation at a fellowship event.

On this webpage we want to highlight two specific types of community groups: Life Groups and ALPHA. You can click on the images below to learn more about them. Might the Lord be calling you this Fall to take some steps towards walking together with a few others who can encourage you to grow in love and who know you by name?


For more information on Life Groups, what they are, and how to join one, click on image above.