A place to belong

A church is not the building; it’s the people. It isn’t just about Sunday mornings; it’s about belonging to a family, a community where eternal relationships can start and grow. It’s a place of connection and friendship, healing and exploration, and transformation through Jesus. This is a place where everyone is welcome, nobody’s perfect, and anything is possible. Check out our JULY 2019 NEWSLETTER updated 7/10/2019.

…for You

Everybody’s welcome. Join us as together we seek to live in response to God’s love for us in Jesus Christ. This is a place where you can find community, healing, and spiritual growth. From college-age to grown adult to senior, we have many programs designed specifically for people at different stages of life. We hope this is a place for you.

…for Children

Children are an essential part of West Side Church and we provide several ministries just for them.  From preschool to elementary age, we long to provide a loving, safe environment for children where they can learn more about Jesus Christ, ground their lives upon God’s Word and build lasting friendships.

…for Youth

We have many programs designed for middle and high school students, all of them welcoming and engaging. They range in depth and seriousness from actively studying extensive passages in the Bible to chilling in our redesigned youth space in the West Side South basement. Whatever your student is looking for, they’ll find a welcome group with our own students.