A Place for You

We have programs that not only match your age group, but are also catered to your personal walk with Christ. Whether you’re just curious or a life-long Christian, we can help you find a program that’s right for you. Just click on a link below to find out more.

Have questions?

Alpha is the place to ask them! It’s a great environment to discuss and learn about Christianity, with groups of people just like you. This program is for anyone interested in finding out more about the Christian faith. Adults of all ages are welcome.

Looking for a small group?

Our Life Group program is designed to meet the spiritual needs of a growing Christian. It provides a time of fellowship with other Christians, and encourages growth through Bible study, prayer, and community. This program is for students and adults of all ages.

Interested in men’s ministry?

If you are, then we have several ways for you to get involved! From bible studies to Golf Tours, we provide a great Christian experience for the men of our church.

Looking for women’s ministry?

Then we have quite a few programs for you! Bible studies, craft days, and retreats all offer a great place for women to come together.

Looking for a senior adult ministry?

Even if you don’t feel too wise, we’ve got a place for older folk, too.