Comfort to families during a loved one’s last days. Support for immigrating Christians looking for a better place. Coordinating help for our friends in need. These are just a few examples of how our West Side family comes together without question and without hesitation to help others.

It is the privilege of the Deacons to serve in the name of Jesus, and of West Side Church, in our community. Guided by scripture and prayer, one way the Deacons have sought to serve is through benevolence and charitable giving. We support many local and national charity agencies. We also respond to special needs requests received from individuals in the community.

Deacons are involved in visiting West Side members in the hospital and nursing homes. We are also involved in our congregational life by preparing monthly communion, preparing and serving at funeral receptions, and providing rosebuds to celebrate the arrival of new babies.

A major Deacons activity is providing Thanksgiving food baskets (partnering with the Salvation Army) and food baskets and gifts at Christmas to families in need. The Deacons seek to represent God’s family through serving others in the name of Christ with love, creativity, sensitivity, and dedication.

If you are interested in learning more about the Deacon ministry at West Side Church, contact the Church Office (509.946.4656 or


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