The goal of parishes is simple: to care for the entire body of West Side Church, with special emphasis on connecting with those who are less engaged, newer members, the elderly and shut-ins.

Parishes are designed to:

  • reach out to parish residents who are not regular attendees at Sunday service or who are known to have restricted mobility (shut-ins)
  • take prayer requests and pray for and with people
  • serve parishioners by identifying needs which can be directed to church or benevolence resources
  • work at getting parishioners care for and connected.

The Parish Ministry is driven by our Deacons with a goal of having each member family contacted at least once every four months. Each Deacon has been assigned to one of 6 geographical regions around the Tri-Cities. The West Side Church phone directories list the parish you are assigned to under your name. Please contact your parish deacon in times of need.

The following map outlines our parish regions (updated 12/27/2018):