Fields of Grace

Fields of Grace is a gleaning organization that began at West Side Church in 2006. The program began when 2nd Harvest Tri-Cities voiced a need for fresh produce for area food banks and area farmers wanted to donate a portion of their crops, but lacked the resources to pick the additional produce. They provide the hands of service that pick the fruits and vegetables for residents in need. Since its inception, the ministry has trained over 900 volunteers who have logged nearly 6,000 hours of service to harvest nearly 400,000 pounds of produce. This produce has included apples, sweet corn, carrots, sweet cherries, apricots, plums, grapes, prunes, tomatoes, and potatoes

Fields of Grace partners with local farmers and 2nd Harvest Tri-Cities to harvest fresh produce for the area food banks. To learn more about Fields of Grace, check out their website at or call 509.392.1455.