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Life Groups

Life Groups are one expression of personal Christian community within our West Side Church family.  Life Groups are small groups of 8 to 12 people (typically) who commit to each other to meet regularly (typically weekly) for an agreed-upon season (typically 9 to 12 months).  Each group has a unique flavor but all aim to nurture, encourage, and experience personal fellowship, Bible (or Bible-based) study, prayer, care, and service together with one another BY NAME!  Some groups also decide to share together in service to others in our church, local community, and beyond.

If you are interested in joining an existing Life Group, there are two ways to do so.

(1)  Look over the descriptions (below) of the Life Groups currently open to welcome and enfold new members and contact the group leader directly, or

(2) Contact one of our Life Group Ministry leaders for more information,

If you are interested in starting a new Life Group and/or becoming a Life Group leader, please contact Melanie or Dan, as well.

Open Life Groups

January 2017 Group listing under construction.