Mission Perspectives Course

perspectivesThe 2016 course will be offered with an introductory class on Jan. 12 with classes running Jan. 19-May 3, 6:15-9:15 pm at Pasco Christian Church (1524 W Marie, Pasco). See complete details HERE. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a 17-week course that usually begins in January where you can interact with many of today’s most dynamic and thoughtful cross-cultural thinkers. It brings together a powerful group of evangelical leaders, professors, and global visionaries who will lead you on a voyage of discovery – a voyage that traces God’s global redemptive strategy for all mankind from its beginnings in Eden to its conclusion around the Great White Throne in the book of Revelation. Each week a different instructor will challenge you in how you can make the most strategic use of your life joining God in His plan for the nations.  Contact Dave and Becky Shupe at midcolumbiaperspectives@charter.net for more information.

“God’s purposes encompass all the nations. God used this course to open my eyes to a deeper understanding and application of this truth. I am more aware that the world events are involving large numbers of unreached people groups.” – West Side Alumna