Mali and World Vision

Area Development Project (ADP)

Beledougou area of southern Mali, Africa.

In June 2008, West Side Church voted to begin a long-term partnership with World Vision to impact a region comprised of the poorest of the poor in southern Mali. The Beledougou region is home to a people group speaking the Bambara language. Some 70 villages make up this region. Through a combination of child sponsorship and fundraising for special projects, West Side supports the Malian World Vision staff in its work of bringing clean water, schools, clinics, micro-finance, cooperative gardens, and improved food security to villages in the Beledougou area. Recognizing that relationships are the key to success in any program of this kind, West Side sends a team to Mali every other year to build friendships with Malian staff, government officials, village chiefs and elders, and to visit sponsored children and their families. Over 180 children are sponsored by West Siders in Mali. This involves regular correspondence with the children and a monthly gift to the World Vision ADP. Friends interested in the Beledougou area should contact the church office at 509.946.4656.


From Left to Right:

  • Clean water flows from new sealed well with pump.
  • New, permanent, year-round classrooms.
  • Village women take turns tending new co-op garden.
  • Large-scale, permanent storage building protects harvested grain.
  • New sealed latrine imporves hygiene and reduces disease.