Our Core Values

FAMILY – Living together as a family.  Celebrating and supporting each other as family through all seasons of life and embracing all who come.

NEXT GENERATION – Intentionally investing in our children and youth.  Passing on the faith and life of Christ to the next generation through loving and nurturing inter-generational relationships.

BIBLICALLY-CENTERED – Renewing our minds through the study of God’s Word. Teaching and nourishing the mind through a biblically-centered yet intellectually focused approach.

GROWING – Going deeper into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Cultivating the inner spiritual life of commitment to Jesus through all phases of maturity from new believer to mature disciple.

EVERY MEMBER MINISTRY –  Empowering and equipping Spirit-led ministry. Releasing every person to serve out of their giftedness to participate in building the Kingdom of God.

MISSIONAL – Sending disciples to the ends of the earth.   Proclaiming the Gospel through deeds and words as we serve our community, nation, and world.